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Gilmour launches Wakaya Perfection
David Gilmour chats with the Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum at the launch. (Photo: Mai Life Magazine)

Gilmour launches Wakaya Perfection


Yesterday (Wednesday April 16) Wakaya Perfection, a comprehensive collection of organic products for internal and external use, dosage was officially launched at Tappoo City in Suva.

David Gilmour, one of the world’s most successful businessmen, is the founder of both Wakaya Perfection and the world-renowned FIJI Water.

“Wakaya Perfection is my pride and joy,” says Gilmour.

In only 14 months, Wakaya Perfection has become an international brand and is now on track in surpassing FIJI Water in its global popularity.

Wakaya Perfection’s famed ginger-based products are produced from pink organic ginger, found only in the island of Wakaya. According to the company’s website, the ginger is hand-cultivated and naturally irrigated in Wakaya Island’s high-nutrient, lush volcanic soil and ground into a superfine rich golden powder, successfully creating the purest and most potent ginger product available on the international market today.

In the modern industrialized world, it is rare to find plant products that do not require pesticides, chemicals and synthetic fertilizers.

“The reality is that the bulk of today’s consumables are saturated with unmentionables such as chemicals, crops grown in contaminated soil and pollution of all kinds,” says Gilmour.

“In addition, consumers worldwide are now realizing that hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent selling chemicals for expensive cures, with virtually no attention and focus on proven preventative care sourced from mother nature,” says Gilmour.

Tappoo, the country’s most reputable retail chain, is the exclusive distributor and retailer of Gilmour’s newest product.

Tappoo’s director for corporate affairs, Vinod Tapoo, shared his gratitude in partnering with Wakaya Perfection.

“As a Fijian enterprise it gives us a great deal of satisfaction to be associated with this uniquely Fijian product. This is exactly the type of innovation, which adds to the lustre of Fiji’s global image,” says Tappoo.

“I believe that this partnership will yield numerous positive results for Fiji,” says Fiji’s Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

Wakaya Perfection’s list of premium products continues to grow, with organically certified solar dried sea salt being globally launched this week.


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