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Leprosy cases increase in Kiribati

A Man Suffering from LeprosyThe Kiribati’s Leprosy Department has reported an increase in the number of people diagnosed with leprosy. In Bikenibeu, at the end of May, see 62 cases were reported, according to Radio Kiribati.
A month later, another 14 cases were detected, said the head of the Leprosy Department, Baraniko Eromanga.  “The 14 people are confirmed to have the leprosy virus and are now on medication,” Eromanga told Radio Kiribati.

Of the new cases, nine are women and five men. Baraniko said the 16 patients are now completely cured after they successfully completed their leprosy pills last month.

On the main island of Tarawa, the Ministry of Health is conducting house-to-house visits to identify people living with the disease. Eromanga said a leprosy team has visited all the homes in the four main villages of Betio, Bairiki, Teaoraereke, and Bikenibeu East.

The next villages to be visited by the Leprosy team are Bikenibeu West, Eita, Temaiku, and Bonriki. Eromanga said the health check program is an initiative of the department, which aims to minimize or completely erase leprosy from Kiribati.


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