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When Two Cultures Meet


Navneet and Kelly cut their cake.

Navneet and Kelly cut their cake.

Coming from two different cultures did not deter Navneet Narayan and Kelly Jian from tying the knot at the local popular dining place Vineyard Palace in Suva last month.

Navneet, a digital media journalist at the Fiji Sun Newspaper, said ‘I Do’ with Kelly, a girl he first met five years ago in 2007 when they were both students at the University of the South Pacific (USP).

“The first time I met Kelly, we were at the Nabua bus stand about 15 minutes drive from Suva,” describes Navneet. “I had seen her around previously but I never dared talk to her until that day back in 2007. I remember Kelly as very shy. I tried to sit next to her in the bus but she went and sat on a seat that had no space for me!

“After we got off at USP, I went to say hi but she was getting late for her Maths Unit (my worst subject!) so I blurted some well wishes and took off. Later that week though, I added her on a social media site and we started chatting online. I invited her to my brother’s engagement party, and she came with her friends. I was in a band called the Orchestra 2000 at the time, and we were playing at my brother’s place. I then sang a song called ‘Beautiful Girl’ by Sean Kingston, dedicating it to her. I was falling head over heels in love with her!”


For the complete story, pick up a May 2013 issue of Mai Life Magazine.


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