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Mai Life website is inviting editorial contributions from citizen journalists. So if you have something interesting to tell our readers and can write well, click we want you.

You can write as a feature writer, as a guest blogger, or, if you can prove that you are an authority on a subject, as a columnist. We are pretty laidback with our freelance writers. If on a certain day you cannot write, we are open to dry days once in a while. You can write as much as you wish to though; there’s no maximum limit for articles per week.

Once you start writing for us, you’ll find it a rewarding experience; you get to embellish your resume, showcase your writing abilities, and channelize our traffic to your blog or website. If you are just starting out in your profession, getting published in our portal can impart your resume that extra edge over others’ that makes all the difference.

So what are we looking for? Articles, features, and listicles on general- as well as specific-interest subjects. As an example, if you are interested in writing specifically on travel, we can assign the following write-ups to you: articles and features on resort, travel stories, air travel issues, etc; how-to articles, tips, and listicles on travel, air travel, etc.; and reviews on travel products and deals.

And when can you start? Straight away without further ado. After you register on mailife.com.fj, you will be given an online account with log in information, which will enable you to create content on our site. After you submit your write-up, our editors will check the copy for plagiarism and quality control issues and publish it when they find the copy up to our standard. You get bylines for all your write-ups.

You don’t need any formal experience to write for us; we will not ask for any writing clips, though they will only be appreciated. All we require from you are fresh ideas, motivation to write, and your ability to organise the write-ups in a clear way so that others can understand. There’s no commitment of regular contributions, no deadlines, and no editor hovering over your head. And in case we have to turn it down, we’ll still provide you a critical evaluation of the write-up and suggest ways to improve it. So just sit in front of the computer for a while and churn out those articles and features. If our editors like your write-ups and find them relevant to Mai Life website, you become a writer!

So give all those inspiring ideas tossing about in your head an outlet. Write for us.

Shoot us a mail at editorial@mailife.com.fj. In that email, attach your current resume in Microsoft Word file, provide links to your previous published clips, and tell us about your area of expertise, subject you like to work on, and how much can you write for us.

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