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29th March 2015

Today I visit the Uprising Resort in Pacific Harbour with the other volunteers. We catch the bus which is not what I expected at all, it’s modern and air-conditioned with comfortable seats. After an hour long journey we are dropped on a long section of road next to a large sign proclaiming ‘Uprising’. It’s the only thing to be seen in either direction.

The resort is set back off the road down a long gravel driveway, buy but the trek is well worth it as after walking through reception I am rewarded with views of the sparkling blue pool and ocean lined with palm trees. We grab lunch at the bar, sharing a chicken pizza, then head down to the sand to sunbathe. I take a dip into the sea until I am casually informed that sharks come quite close to the shore around here, and I beat a hasty retreat back to my towel on the beach.

When we are tired of getting covered in sand we jump into the pool. The sun is starting to set now which makes it a bit chilly in the water, but the pool is surrounded by comfy circular chairs piled with cushions which can easily accommodate 2 or 3 people. It’s a perfect place to have a beer whilst watching the sun set.

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