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30th March 2015

It’s back to work this morning and time to write up my trip to Vanua Levu. I pop out to the coffee shop at lunch time to get a vanilla latte, which immediately floods my mind with memories of Australia as that was where I got hooked on coffee.

An uneventful day leads to an equally uneventful night, order but I have good fun chatting to the daughters of the family I’m staying with for hours. We talk about everything, from my dog’s birthday party which they find ridiculous, to airplane crashes until I point out I’ll have to fly in a fortnight and don’t really need those images in my head.

I take them down to the other homestay to meet the 3 kittens who live there. I can’t believe they live so close but have never seen them. There are 3 kittens, a lot bigger than when I first arrived but still small and cute. The ginger one is called Noodles and is the friendliest and boldest. The other two are black and white, named Turbo and Nugget. The eldest girl, Tara isn’t overly enthralled as she isn’t an animal lover but the youngest loves them and immediately scoops up Noodles to cuddle him.

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