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Emily’s Blog

I am a nineteen year old from England taking a gap year to explore the world. Having already spent two months in Australia discovering snorkelling, surfing and spending almost every day on the beach, I am now staying in Fiji for a month with a Fijian family. Whilst I am here I will be volunteering at Mai Life magazine and hopefully seeing as much of Fiji as possible in the short time that I have before I move on to New Zealand, Los Angeles, and then finally go home. Living in my home town of Eastbourne are my parents, my seventeen year old sister, and my dog Alfie, who everyone knows is the one I’m missing the most. In September I’ll be studying Sociology at the University of Southampton, after which I hope to take a course in journalism.

16th March 2015- Day 2 in Fiji

I find it difficult to wake up this morning, even after a fairly early night. It’s the first time in a few weeks I haven’t been woken at dawn by my young cousins asking me to play. Painfully aware of the 10am meeting time in the hotel’s reception with my volunteer co-ordinator, here I gather my wash bag and go ... Read More »

15th March, 2015 Arrive in Fiji.

My plane touches down in Nadi and my first reaction is to the heat. Having just spent 2 months in the Australian summer I’m no stranger to hot weather but the humidity of Fiji catches me unawares and soon I’m covered in sweat. I’m scheduled to catch a second plane from Nadi to Suva in what is now less than ... Read More »

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