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Council commends LTA’s decision to ground bus fleets

nasese busThe Consumer Council of Fiji released a statement this morning comending the Land Transport Authority’s action to ground the Nasese Buses’ fleet following the recent bus fires that involved it’s company buses.

“The grounding of bus fleets such as that taken against Nasese Buses should be made when such incidence occur. This will ensure that passengers’ lives are not put at risk by traveling in such buses and also safeguard other road users,” the statement read.

The Council added that LTA’s decision to ground Nasese Bus’ fleet was long overdue, especially with the recent incidents of bus fires.

It’s not known how long the Nasese fleet of  buses  will stay off the road while the authorities concerned carry out an audit. The Land Transport Authority stated on it’s social media site that they will start clamping down on other bus companies that face frequent breakdowns on the roads due to mechanical failures or if in poor conditions. “LTA’s stance in this matter should act as a warning to other bus companies to take measures to keep their buses safe. Bus companies must conduct regular check and thorough maintenance of their buses for the safety of their passengers.” It stated.

 Meanwhile other bus companies have taken on the routes that were serviced by the Nasese Buses while the grounding is in place.

The Council added that it hoped the grounding will stay in effect until Nasese Bus Company “can prove the safety of all their buses..otherwise, the buses should remain grounded.”

Calls made to the Nasese Busses Ltd Managing Director Jay Kumar for comments remained unanswered.

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