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Facebook post reveals Aussie woman’s anguish over Fijian lover
Tracey Ann O'Brien Maw’s badly decomposed body was discovered in bushes beside a road by a local farmer. PHOTO SOURCED FROM FACEBOOK

Facebook post reveals Aussie woman’s anguish over Fijian lover

In the months before she brutally died in Fiji, treatment Australian woman Tracey Ann O’Brien Maw told friends she felt “hurt, used, ugly and embarrassed” after losing tens-of-thousands of dollars to her Fijian lover.

Ms O’Brien Maw told friends in a closed Facebook group of the pain she’d endured when her relationship with a Fijian man soured and of how she felt used by him.

She suspected her Fijian lover was still in a relationship with his wife.

Her badly-decomposed body was found by a farmer on Monday this week.

Police believe she was bashed to death and revealed to news.com.au they had identified a suspect who was known to Ms O’Brien Maw.

The suspect knew police wanted to speak to him but was “on the run”, a source close to the investigation said.

A spokeswoman for Fiji police confirmed they were aware of the messages.

“A friend of the victim has come forward and we have taken her statement. She has provided information that the victim was unhappy about a number of things.”

The contents of the numerous emails were being examined by detectives, who are treating her death as a murder. The spokeswoman declined to comment further.

The messages, provided to news.com.au by a member of the Facebook group detail how she left her home in Shepparton, Victoria, earlier this year to go to Fiji to be with her partner of four-and-half-years.

In August she realised the relationship was over.

“Don’t fall in love cause you will only lose EVERYTHING!” she wrote, before later revealing she’d lost $42,000 and her house.

The online group is mainly women in relationships with Fijian men and Ms O’Brien Maw told them of how she was unsure what her partner was doing when she wasn’t there.

“..when you come home to Aussie you really DONT know what they do when your not there. sad hey when we give them honesty and they just laugh at us in there lingo, even while we sit with then! How do we know what they saying?”

She claimed she was sending money to him every two weeks for food and suspected he was spending it on his wife.

She said to one friend: “ … yes there are true relationships there I just didn’t find the right one but don’t want one now. I just have to work out what my heart n head says. I don’t know how to now, I feel ugly, used, hurt, embarrased, stupid etc.”

And then: “It must be a tears day for me cause I can’t stop the tears from falling.”

Ms O’Brien Maw purportedly told the group of how lonely she felt when she was home in Australia.

“I feel the same when I come home to … so LONELY. I lost my family n friends cause they could see what was happening …

She said she felt naive and went onto the Facebook page because she had no one else to speak to.

“It’s really bad for someone to do extortion to innocent kind hearted people … They take advantage of our kindness.”

It has been reported that Ms O’Brien Maw was in Fiji to reconcile with a man and that she had been staying with him.

She was last seen on Thursday night at a party in Sigatoka close to where her body was found by a shocked farmer walking his dog.

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