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Glitch Hits Fashion Week

Glitch Hits Fashion Week


Tonight’s Emerging Designer show at Fiji Fashion Week was hit by a terrible glitch – the first time for this ever to happen at the event.

Three designers who were listed on the official programme to show their collections (Epeli Tuibeqa, vialis 40mg TFK and Royals), see and each one scheduled to show after the other, sildenafil for different reasons did not put anything down the runway. This put the Fashion Week technical team into a spin, quickly changing graphics and music associated with each show to return to the schedule. This left the crowd slightly perplexed and shocked at the quicker than expected ending of the show.

The Managing Director of Fiji Fashion Week, Ellen Whippy, clearly disappointed by the glitch explained that “one lady just didn’t turn up, we don’t know what happened to her. The other designer, we knew she wasn’t coming but these guys [points to stage crew] stuffed up with the production, they should have taken her off. Epeli, the clothes arrived, they were sewn late and they were too small for the models. Huge wardrobe malfunction.”

She went on to insist that “it’s not all of them, it’s just a few of them. It’s not a problem that’s unique to Fiji either. If you speak to people involved in international industries they’ll tell you. I mean, designers are creative people, and creative people don’t understand deadlines. And they aren’t administrative people.”

While accepting that it is not unusual for designers to prepare collections very close to the wire, Whippy notes that internationally and in larger fashion markets, designers tend to be better educated in their field and therefore seamlessly manage to pull off a show, despite the craziness leading up to it.

This seems to be the strongest message coming out of Fashion Week this year; we have a “major educational problem. We need to get them educated… tonight is due to lack of experience, lack of nous.”

However, this education is not something Fiji Fashion Week should necessarily provide, as the objective of the event is create a platform rather than spoon feed would be designers into creating businesses around their craft. Designers need to take ownership of their product. They need to invest in themselves, be it money or time. FNU provides a Saturday whole day course that should be taken advantage of, for example.

Whippy went on to make the valid point that “the problem is that sometimes they have a little bit of knowledge and they think it’s enough. It’s not enough. And they’ll never be good enough until they have that formal education.”

Despite the hiccup, the show recovered and ran to its conclusion with the same proficiency and professionalism noted at last nights Resort Wear Show.

Tomorrow night is the final night of Fashion Week, the ever popular and heavily attended Established Designers Show. Mai Life will, as always, be bringing you a live blog on our Facebook page.


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