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Hong Kong in 24 Hours


Hong Kong

How much can you enjoy Hong Kong while in-transit? Naziah Ali does Hong Kong in 24 hours to answer that.   

So you’re coming back from Korea, and there’s this long and tiring in-transit wait at Hong Kong airport before you board that connecting flight back to Nadi. If you are bright, instead of killing a day

of your life at the airport, you’d do well to do Hong Kong. And why not? After all, while you’re there, might as well. Three of us took the trouble to speed-travel Hong Kong, just to show you it’s doable.

So for this 24-hour whirlwind trip to Hong Kong. I met up my travel buddies, Fiji Airways Public Relations Officer Jessan Dotton and Fiji Sun West Editor Jyoti Pratibha, just before checking in. Jessan and Jyoti were already exploring a large map of Hong Kong, marking places to visit, food to eat, and exciting activities to do when I joined them. Pulling a copy of Lonely Planet on Hong Kong, Jessan gave a brief on what we would do in 24 hours.

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