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Public Accounts Committee meets today
Dr Biman Prasad.

Public Accounts Committee meets today


The Secretary-General to Parliament, Viniana Namosimalua, has informed all Public Accounts Committee members that the meeting of PAC will be held at 9am today (Friday) in the small committee room in Parliament.

This comes as National Federation Party and nominated PAC chair Dr Biman Prasad told overseas media that it was time members of the Fiji Government let the Public Accounts Committee get on with its work.

The first meeting was due to be held two weeks ago but was deferred after government MPs complained about comments the proposed chairperson made regarding recently-released Auditor-General’s reports.

But Dr Biman Prasad says he simply highlighted what was in the reports, and confirmed they would be scrutinised by the committee.

Dr Prasad is concerned the Speaker of the House Dr Jiko Luveni, is being dictated to by the government.

“So far the way in which the government members have continued to demand things of me through the office of the speaker and the secretary general, may I suggest that the speaker is under pressure from Government,” he told Radio New Zealand.

Dr Prasad has written to the Speaker, claiming the Government was attempting to derail the work of the Committee.

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