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SPTO Congratulates Fiji for Record Visitor Arrivals in 2016
a breath taking sight from an island in the Lau Group. Photo by Andy Paul

SPTO Congratulates Fiji for Record Visitor Arrivals in 2016

THE South Pacific Tourism Organisation would like to congratulate the Fiji government and key Fiji tourism industry partners for their work in developing tourism which reflects Fiji being identified as the top tourist destination in the Pacific region in 2016, capturing forty percent of the total visitor arrivals to the region in the year.

Fiji recorded a total of 792,320 visitors in 2016 out of the 2 million visitors recorded for the Pacific. This is compared to 754,835 in 2015 (Fiji visitor arrivals).

These figures were recently released by the SPTO Research and Statistics Division as part of an analysis of the region’s tourism performance in 2016.

In thanking Fiji’s key stakeholders for their commitment to the tourism industry, SPTO Chief Executive Officer, Chris Cocker said Fiji’s leading market share will also be further enhanced with the new Nadi International Airport terminal.

“This state of the art facility will contribute to Fiji continuing to be the leading airport hub in the Pacific. True is the saying “first impressions are lasting impressions” when it comes to the new Nadi International Airport,” Mr. Cocker said

“SPTO would like to congratulate and thank the Government of Fiji and ATS for this positive aviation development for the Pacific. This development is an important lesson for the other Pacific Island Countries who would like to develop tourism as it is pertinent that they develop their airports because this is one of the key steps to increasing air access to their respective destinations,” he added.

Fiji will host its annual travel trade event, the Fiji Tourism Expo (FTE) this week from May 4 to May 5 which will certainly boost Fiji’s initiatives to increase visitor arrivals, continuing their leading market share.

Fiji has maintained its place as the top tourist destination in the Pacific region over the past 10 years with 40% share of the total visitor arrivals in 2016.

Second in the running to Fiji in terms of visitor arrivals is French Polynesia with a total number of 192,495 visitors in 2016 and Papua New Guinea in third place with 178,509 visitors. Cook Islands ranked fourth place with 146,473 visitors with Samoa coming in at close fifth with a recorded number of 144,883.

SPTO’s Research and Statistics Division gather these statistics on a regular basis from National Statistic Offices and National Tourism Offices of the SPTO member countries. The organization will be releasing its Annual Review of Visitor Arrivals in Pacific Island Countries 2016 report later this month.

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