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SPTO to promote South Pacific tourism
CEO of SPTO Ilisoni Vuidreketi

SPTO to promote South Pacific tourism

Marketing the Pacific islands collectively is a more effective way of promoting the brand ‘South Pacific’.

This is the comment made by the South Pacific Tourism Organisation’s Chief Executive Officer, Ilisoni Vuidreketi at a press conference on marketing activities for the region.

“If you go to the UK, US or South America and ask them if they know of Tonga, Samoa or even Fiji, people would say no. But when asked if they know the South Pacific, they agree they’ve heard of it although they don’t know of location of various islands.”

Vuidreketi said people from these regions had images of a tropical paradise when the Pacific is mentioned.

He added it was important to complement work done by the 16 island member countries through a regional approach.

“We should compliment their work through a regional approach by promoting the Pacific as a destination.”

In light of this, the SPTO for the first time organised road shows and workshops in emerging Asian and long haul markets like the UK to promote the South Pacific as holiday destinations.

Representatives from the 16 member countries attended the events that were funded by the European Union. The road-show took place from October 29- to November 7th.

Meanwhile, SPTO’s CEO reiterated the importance of the media as a partner in promoting and creating awareness on tourism in the region.

“We feel that there are a lot areas we can work together not only in publicising our promotional activities but also provide you the information you may need in regards to tourism in the region.”


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