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TC GITA increases its strength, now category 5 system.



TC Gita has been increased in strength and is now a category 5 system.


The Nadi weather office confirmed this in its latest weather bulletin released at midday and warned all Fijians to be vigilant at all times.


At 11am, TC Gita was located about 235km south of Kadavu.


Close to its centre, the cyclone is expected to have average winds of up to 205km/hr with momentary gusts to 285km/hr.


On this track, TC Gita continues its path in Lau waters and will1 move closer to Kadavu waters at 11 am tomorrow morning.


A gale warning is in force for Matuku, Kadavu and nearby smaller islands while a strong wind warning is in place for the rest of Fiji.


Meanwhile, the public is advised to heed warnings from authorities and to closely monitor weather bulletins.


School managements have been advised by the education ministry to use their discretion but in consultation with their respective District Office.


People are asked to stock up all necessary emergency supplies, such as water, first aid kit, batteries, candles and food etc and move their property and family to higher ground if they live in flood-prone areas.


TC Winston stuck Fiji around the same period two years ago, killing 44 people and raking up a bill of around $3 billion in damages.


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