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Usamate Launches 2017 USP Entrepreneurial and Career Fair.
Minister for Employment, Productivity & industrial Relations Mr Jone Usamate speaking at the Launching of the Entrepreneurial Career Fair 2017. Photo: Supplied

Usamate Launches 2017 USP Entrepreneurial and Career Fair.

LIKE all other institutions of higher learning, the University of the South Pacific constantly faces the challenge of providing the best career opportunities to match with students’ career choices in the employment market.

These sentiments were echoed by the Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Mr Jone Usamate while launching the 2017 USP Entrepreneurial and Career Fair on Monday.

Mr Usamate said the fair is a testimony to the commitment and vision of this institution in providing a platform for aspiring graduates.

“Every student thinks about their career. Making the right career choice is an important decision because it has an impact on the rest of one’s life,” Mr Usamate said.

“The interesting thing about careers is that one really never knows where one will end up. I for instance, studied Economics but never actually worked as an Economist.”

“Eventually however I ended up in parliament where that initial study in Economics has now being put to good use,” he added.

Mr Usamate added that some students are much more focused and know exactly where they want to be and have a very firm idea of how they will get there.

He urged students to be realistic about their career.

“Look at the trends in employment, identify where the opportunities are and then work towards this,” he said.

“We need more entrepreneurs. We need University students to know that getting a job after University is not the only way forward. You can also become a job creator for others by starting businesses.”

Mr Usamate said the fair will give students an opportunity to listen to presentations from invited professionals and participate in small business incubation workshops in the hope of enhancing the creation of small businesses of their own.


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